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ASIC Fee Increases from 1 July 2019

Last Updated:
Some of the information in this post is no longer current.
ASIC Fees are indexed annually. For up to date fee information, please visit the ASIC Website or contact us for further assistance.

ASIC has announced fee increases for many of its services, applications and lodgements effective from Monday 1 July 2019.

The fee increases are part of the usual annual indexation of ASIC Fees.

It should be noted that when using a third-party service provider, they may charge additional service fees on top of the ASIC fee.

Do ASIC Fees have GST?

No. All ASIC fees are GST exempt. However, third-party service provider fees may include GST.

Company Fees

FeeIncreaseNew Fee
Registration for companies limited by shares
(eg standard proprietary company)
Registration for companies without share capital
(eg a public company limited by guarantee)
Annual Review for proprietary companies
(excluding special purpose companies)
Annual Review for public companies
(excluding special purpose companies)
Application to reserve a company name or extend company name reservation$1$50
Application for change of company name$5$408
Application for change of company type
(eg public to proprietary, or vice versa)
Voluntary Deregistration$1$41
Late lodgement fee (less than 1 month late)$1$80
Late lodgement fee (more than 1 month late)$4$333

Existing transactions that are fee-free (eg on-time lodgement of share transactions) continue to remain free.

Business Name Fees

FeeIncreaseNew Fee
Apply to register or renew a business name for 1 yearNo change$36
Apply to register or renew a business name for 3 years$1$85

More Information

The above lists are not comprehensive, and other fees may apply to some services. For a full list of fees see ASIC's Fee Information Sheet.

Xuveo Legal can provide assistance with preparation and lodgement of ASIC documents and forms, including company registration and business name registration. Contact us for more information.

This post is intended for general information only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. You should obtain appropriate professional advice for your circumstances or contact us for further assistance.


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