Xuveo Legal is an intellectual property and commercial law firm based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our Expertise

Drawing on over a decade of boutique experience, we deliver expert legal solutions in these areas:

  • intellectual property
    • trade mark registration and enforcement
    • copyright
    • confidential information
  • misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law
  • passing-off
  • commercial law
    • commercial contracts
    • corporate structuring and restructuring
    • company registration
    • shareholder agreements
  • commercial litigation & dispute resolution

Why Choose Xuveo Legal?

We believe successful legal outcomes are not just about getting the ‘legals’ right . Solutions have to make commercial sense. They have to be practical. And they have to be understood.

Often, it requires considering the problem through another lens and working with other stakeholders.

To achieve this, we work with accountants, barristers, designers, branding agencies, scientists, patent attorneys and your team of professionals.

Latest Posts

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  1. Trading Names get a Last-Minute Reprieve
    16 Oct 2018
    Ben Thorn
    Trading Names were scheduled for removal from the Australian Business Register (ABR) from 1 November 2018. However, the Government has granted a last-minute reprieve by extending the transition period until 2023.
  2. Secrets of the QEII Courts of Law - Brisbane Open House
    15 Oct 2018
    Ben Thorn
    We toured the Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law as part of the Brisbane Open House festival. In this post we explore some secrets of the building.
  3. Trade Marks: What is a Non-Use Removal Action?
    5 Oct 2018
    Ben Thorn
    A registered trade mark provides exclusive legal rights. But these rights also come with the responsibility to use the trade mark. We explore the threat of trade mark Non-Use Removal Actions and what trade mark owners can do to protect themselves.
  4. IP Australia Announces eServices System Update
    25 Sep 2018
    Ben Thorn
    IP Australia has announced a system update for its eServices platform will be rolled out in early November 2018.
  5. Xuveo Legal now accepting PayID payments
    3 Sep 2018
    Ben Thorn
    From 1 September 2018, Xuveo Legal will now accept payment via PayID for invoice payments and trust account deposits.
  6. Contracts and Ownership of Intellectual Property
    13 Aug 2018
    Ben Thorn
    Intellectual property (IP) is an important part of doing business. However, determining who owns the IP arising from a transaction can be complex.
  7. Ben Thorn Appointed to QLS Committee
    8 Aug 2018
    Ben Thorn
    Xuveo Legal is proud to announce the appointment of Ben Thorn to the Queensland Law Society's Technology and Intellectual Property Committee
  8. Trade Marks - Don't Get Scammed
    17 Jul 2018
    Ben Thorn
    If you have filed a trade mark application, chances are you'll receive a scam in the mail.
    Here are some tips on to watch out for, and what you can do if you receive one.
  9. Apple nets $9m penalty over "Error 53"
    19 Jun 2018
    Ben Thorn
    Apple has been ordered to pay AU$9 million in penalties over its involvement in the "Error 53" saga.
  10. ICANN loses early decision on WHOIS data under GDPR
    4 Jun 2018
    Ben Thorn
    ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has been unsuccessful in an early German decision under the GDPR. The decision relates to the collection and publication of information about persons associated with domain names, known as WHOIS data.
  11. Trade Marks vs Business Names - What's the Difference?
    23 May 2018
    Ben Thorn
    What is the difference between a Trade Mark and a Business Name? When do you need to register? and why?
  12. 5 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy
    15 May 2018
    Ben Thorn
    The online world can be a paradise of convenience and entertainment. Everything is available at the click of a button. Never before have we been so connected. But beware: danger lurks within. Here are 5 ways you can protect your privacy online.
  13. Privacy Awareness Week 2018
    11 May 2018
    Ben Thorn
    Xuveo Legal is proud to be a supporter of Privacy Awareness Week 2018. PAW2018 runs from 13-19 May 2018 and celebrates the theme "Privacy: From Principles to Practice".

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